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Holistic Spa Practitioner

Doesn't everyone want healthy glowing skin? Our face is our first impression and we want it to always be the best possible. My mantra is that healthy skin looks great no matter what and using clean products is a key to that happening. By partnering with product lines that are at the forefront in the clean beauty movement I take the guess work out of reading labels and provide my clients with the opportunity to make a clean switch. Because beauty should be good for you!

Having grown up with troubled skin and an acne diagnosis at sixteen, I understand how confusing and heartbreaking any skin issue can be. A factor in the struggle is the common use of ingredients that disrupt hormones and contribute to sensitivity and breakouts. I know the emotional and physical struggle of trying every product available and not seeing any improvement.


My treatment strategy is to blend results driven techniques with deep relaxation to create a whole body experience.

Revive your skin and your spirit!

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Phone: 778-421-3535

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